cabecera comunicacion



We are a team of specialists in marketing and communication. Pressmedia® is a consolidated company, with more than 15 years in the publishing, advertising, marketing and communication sectors.

In our pyramid scheme, led by a management team with a long history and know-how, Pressmedia® brings together a group of active professionals, dynamic and with a common factor: competitiveness, customer satisfaction and achievement of results in all the projects we are in immersed.

Our organization chart is nourished by specialists in publishing, communication, public relations, marketing, sales, and advertising. This includes our departments of editorial (journalism), community managers, translators, graphic design and computer engineering, graphic arts specialists, distribution and production of events, presentations, business meetings and so on.

In addition, we have several magazines (hardcopy and digital) which we work communication, branding and promotion of groups of customers from different markets, we carry out communication, public relations and personalized marketing tasks, according to the specific needs of our clients. From translation and preparation of press releases, to design of final arts, production, distribution, social networks, events, etc.

We make available all our team to support your communication, in a personalized way and according to those needs that at any time your company requires. Integrating your brands / actions into events or supports of your market or following a path of actions defined by your need and budget.